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Since 1985 Niederkorn Silver has been serving a discriminating clientele of silver epicureans:   Clientele that includes collectors of silver jewelry, flatware, hollowware, novelties, antiquities and fine items by the great names in silversmithing.
Niederkorn Silver was established by Gary Niederkorn ,  with initial appearances in shows around the United States.  After taking up residence in Philadelphia in 1987, Gary Niederkorn opened his first shop at 2005 Locust Street and became the only dealer in the city devoted solely to selling antique and vintage silver.  “I am so pleased to say, that collectors from all over the world have found their way to my store,” Niederkorn says.  “It is such a pleasure to sell these rare objects to people who will love and care for them for a future generation.  Items made in silver are a window into the times that they were made.  The style, the use, decoration and even the objects give us a glimpse into the social history of another era.  With so much of our past being destroyed or recycled, it is comforting to know that some of the past is being treasured and preserved for tomorrow.”
Gary Niederkorn grew up in Denver, Colorado.  He holds two undergraduate degrees from Colorado State University―one in biology and the other in horticulture.  Niederkorn wrote a horticulture column for the Denver post for eight years and hosted a radio show on KNUS for seven years.  Somewhere during these years as a media personality, Niederkorn developed an interest in silver.  He quickly developed a discriminating eye that could separate the best from the ordinary in silver.  His passion for collecting grew into a desire to share his particular talent with others and help them to cultivate their collections.  Thus, Niederkorn Silver was established as a business and with its distinctive unicorn logo, has become one of the most recognized silver dealers in the United States.
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