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Silver Repair Clinic August 18 and 19. 2017

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Your silver has met with calamity!  You have cursed, you have cried, you have rend your clothing.  Why, WHY, did this have to happen?  Over and over in your mind you play back the horrible disaster, imagining the valiant move you should have made that would have changed the course of events and saved your precious silver; but to what use? Nothing can change what is. Your lovely silver object lays, damaged ― mangled as no silver object deserves.  The shroud of dispair hangs overhead, getting darker and darker, until nothing can be discerned in the inky shadows.  A plaintive violin sings in the background as you sink to the floor heartbroken.  And in this moment of sheer misery, what is this?   A golden ray pierces the dark!  What could it be?  Is it … Yes ― yes it is!  It is the Niederkorn Silver Silver Repair Clinic.  
It is here again.  August 18 and 19, 2017, Niederkorn Silver is sponsoring another Silver Repair Clinic. You are welcomed to bring in or send us your damaged silver for a repair estimate.  Your damaged silver can be restored and silverplated pieces can be re-silvered.  With access to different talented craftspeople, Niederkorn Silver can perform a wide range of repairs: ranging from comb replacements in silver comb backs; to carving missing wood finials; to straightening and re-soldering damaged hollowware.  
Stop wringing your hands, dry your eyes and compose yourself.  Bring in your repair challenge and see what it will take to have it restored.

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